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Re Maurì Restaurant was born in 2014 from an ambitious and innovative project. It was the result of Marinelli Group’ s creatvity and and desire to achieve, a place situated at the entrance of the wonderful Amalfi Coast.

Re Maurì stands out among the Italian gourmet restaurants thanks to its strong personality that makes it a real temple of taste, a restaurant for connoisseurs, awarded with one Michelin star after only two years. Just walking along the few meters that separate the entrance from the large rooms suspended between the sky and the sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast, you come come into a totally new dimension of the restaurant concept. Here Antoine Beauvillier’s achetype is developed and his motto “Come and I will give you rest”, the symbol of the first modern style restaurant,

finds its interpretation here, thanks to the superb quality of raw materials and to the chef and his brigade’s creations.

The dishes are the Re Maurì’s identity.

They symbolize the fruit and roots. They are true works, expressions of skill and talent, where creativity does not stifle but enhances, the essence of each ingredient, the sublime pleasure of every flavor.
The refinement of the furnishings and the refined design, the unique panorama that you can enjoy from every point of the room, the attention to details being chased by every team member, the staff pamperings, complete that absolutely unique journey that only Re Maurì can offer.

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Re Maurì Restaurant was born in 2014 from an ambitious and innovative project. It was the result of Marinelli Group’ s creativity and and desire to achieve, a place situated at the entrance of the wonderful Amalfi Coast.
After the great results obtained by Lloyd’s Baia Hotel, it can be considered a modern temple of fine cuisine.
After barely a year the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence arrived, and soon after also reccomendation in the Espresso Guide “The Restaurants of Italy”.
In 2016, after only two years, the Re Maurì’ s curriculum vitae is embellished with a Michelin Star, which represents recognition for the great work done together by the managers, the chef and all the staff.
The Restaurant Re Maurì is also the greatest tribute by Marinelli Group to its founder, Giuseppe Marinelli: the name chosen for this new enchanting location consists, in fact, in a royal epithet, a symbol of the esteem and gratitude that the four children have for their father, and the nickname “Maurì” with which the beloved Mr. Giuseppe was affectionately called by his beloved family since childhood.

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The Style

The restaurant has an indoor room and an outdoor terrace able to accommodate about 50 seats that may increase in case of exceptional events; It is the ideal location for business lunches and relaxing dinners; the perfect setting for romantic dinners, important evenings, fashionable events, quiet and relaxing dinners.

The room is panoramic, airy, elegant, comfortable.

The harmony of the environment combines with the sense of peace and inner well-being which this regal light shell set in a beautiful landscape, almost suspended between sky and sea, provides.
There is a magical game of colors that at sunset invests this part of the coast; a game that creates, in a smaller room of Re Maurì, a special atmosphere, ideal for a drink with family or friends, enjoying the pleasures of raw dishes served every evening.

The beautiful open-plan kitchen, finely covered with ceramic tiles, represents a fundamental aspect of Re Maurì; backstage, hi-tech technologies are placed in order to support the Chef Lorenzo Cuomo, the favorite pupil of the pluri-starred Oliver Glowig, who coordinates the kitchen brigade composed of under-30-year-old experts.
The cellar offers a careful and refined selection of wines with a total of 850 wines, Italian and international ones, and a particular focus is put on the local production; the most demanding lovers of wine have the opportunity to personally enter the open-plan wine cellar and taste every bottle. There are 12 labels in the water menu and 30 types of Cuban, Dominican and Honduran cigars, as well as a unique selection of Davidoff, a real treat for fans; these are numbers that contribute to make the moments spent at Re Maurì valuable, exclusive, unforgettable.

The Cellar

In the wine menu, constantly evolving, there are several European labels, the most valuable ones, as well as wines belonging to more distant cultures and productions, in order to offer a tasting experience that can pass through those wines from around the world.

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