The menu may vary according to the availability of market.
* Regulation CE 1169/2011

Circular from the ministry of health 06/02/2015
“The information about the substances or products, that causes allergies and intolerances, are available to the service staff. For any information about substances or allergens, it is possible to consult the specific documentation that the service staff will given to you if required”

*** Reg. CE 853/2004 Circular from the ministry of health 17/02/2011
“The fishery products that are eaten raw, are placed in af reezering on a temperature not higher than -20° C for each part of the products for about 24 hours.The processing is performed on the raw product or the final products.”

**** The fishing products are subject to reduction of temperature because of the cooking methods

List of allergens for which labeling is obligatory attachment II Regolamento (UE) n.1169/2011.

1. Cereals containing gluten (wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelled, kamut or their hybridized strains) and products thereof.
2. Shellfish/crustacean and products thereof.
3. Eggs and products thereof
4. Fish and products thereof.
5. Peanuts and products thereof.
6. Soy and products thereof.
7. Milk, lactose and products thereof.
8. Nuts (Almond, Hazelnuts,Walnuts, Cashew, Pecan, Brazil nuts, Pistachios, Nuts Queesland) and products thereof.
9. Celery and products thereof.
10. Mustard and products thereof.
11. Sesame seeds and products thereof.
12. Sulfur dioxide and sulfites in a concentration superior to mg/kg or mg/l expressed as so2
13. Lupin seeds and products thereof.
14. Mollusk/shellfish and products thereof.