Quality raw ingredients, respect for seasonality and constant research.
Re Maurì’s menu is periodically renewed by the chef, and it consists of
a sequence of details that together create a sensory path in the pursuit of taste.


Tortelli stuffed of Cauli ower, Anchovies and Pecorino Cheese Foam € 28

Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva with Orange, Goat Blue Cheese, Cilento Dried Fix and Basil € 30

Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Spring Onion and Cod-fish € 30

Cortecce with Kid white Ragout, Wild Mushrooms and Dried Tomatoes € 30

Re Maurì Fish Soup € 24


Braised Lamb Shank with Spicies, Pumpkin Cream and Braised Baby Vegetables Min 2 pax, if single course 50 minutes cooking € 100

Breaded Veal Filet with Morel Mushrooms, Carrots and Swiss Chard € 40

Garnad Fish Crusted with Black Truffle e on Cereals Soup, Royal Crab Raviolo € 40

Monk sh Cremino with Dried Tomatoes, Spicy Green Cabbage and Hunter’s Sauce € 35

Quail lled of Neapolitan Meatball, Ke r Potatoes Puree and Lettuce € 35


Our Selection of Cheese  € 20

Banana, Raspberry and Gingerbread € 18 (Our proposal is Alma de Sol Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)

Salty Caramel Tartlet, Gianduia and Thyme  € 18 (Our proposal is Curcuma and Lemon Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)

The Apple € 18 (Our proposal is
ChinaLime Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo 6€)

Composition of fruits and sorbets – wildfruit, pear, litchis, tangerine, kiwi –  € 18 (Our proposal is
Ginger Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)