Quality raw ingredients, respect for seasonality and constant research.
Re Maurì’s menu is periodically renewed by the chef, and it consists of
a sequence of details that together create a sensory path in the pursuit of taste.


Home Made Cicatielli Pasta
with Mantis Shrimp Soup, Sea Asparagus and Clums € 28

Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva with Porcini Mushroms, Provolone del Monaco cream, raw Langoustines and dry Tomatoes € 40

“Spaghetti alla Chitarra” with Vicciola Veal tartare, Seafood broth and Sea-urchins € 40

Cannelloni filled of braised Ox-tail, fresh Cheese, Broccoli and black Truffle € 40

Re Maurì Fish Soup € 24


Chateaubriand in salt crust, Pineapple and Apple chutney, Ratatouille and Bernaise Sauce
Min. 2 pax. If single course 50 minutes waiting € 120

The Cockerel: roasted Breast, Leg Cracker Confit, Fried Meatball, Mustard Sauce and Black Pepper Foam € 35

Braised Veal Cheek with beans, Morel Mushrooms and its Tripe € 40

John Dory in Seafood stew, river Prawns, spring Onion Gnocco and chili Broccoli € 35

Marinated Salmon cooked at low temperature with Cuttle-Fish, Carrots and Orange € 40


Our Selection of Cheese  € 20

Gianduia Cappuccino with cream of Peanuts € 18 (Our proposal is Coffee Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)

Baumkuchen filled of chestnyts mousse, persimmons and caramel Cream  € 18 (Our proposal is Curcuma and Lemon Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)

Chocolate, Figs and Walnuts Soufflè € 18 (Our proposal is Tangerine liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo 6€)

Composition of Fruits and Sorbets – Wild fruits, Pear, Litchi, Tangerin, Kiwi –  € 18 (Our proposal is Ginger Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)