Quality raw ingredients, respect for seasonality and constant research.
Re Maurì’s menu is periodically renewed by the chef, and it consists of
a sequence of details that together create a sensory path in the pursuit of taste.


Home Made Cicatielli Pasta with Mantis Shrimp Soup, Sea Asparagus and Clums € 28

Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva with Basil Pesto Sauce, Crispy Baby Cuttle-fish, Kefir and Gin Gelatine € 30

“Spaghetti alla Chitarra” with Red Tuna-fish Tartare, Cherry Tomatoes Water and Anchovies € 40

Home Made Cortecce Pasta with White Kid Goat Ragout, Green Pepper and Dried Tomatoes € 28

Re Maurì Fish Soup € 24


Daily catched fish “Acqua Pazza” style with seafood soup and endive
Min. 2 pax. If single course 40 minutes waiting € 80

The Cockerel: roasted Breast, Leg Cracker Confit, Fried Meatball, Mustard Sauce and Black Pepper Foam € 35

Breaded Veal Filet with Morel Mushroom, Carrot and Swiss Chards € 40

Turbot with Fennel Soup, Boiled Veal Head, snow peas with Bacon € 35

Seabass with Robiola Cheese, Red Pepper, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives Sauce € 40


Our Selection of Cheese  € 20

Melba Peach € 18 (Our proposal is Alma de Sol Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)

Almond and Cocoa Short Pastry with Amarenas and Buffalo Ricotta Ice Cream  € 18 (Our proposal is Curcuma and Lemon Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)

Macaron glacè with white chocolate, strawberry and lime € 18 (Our proposal is
ChinaLime Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo 6€)

Composition of fruits and sorbets – Apricot, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon –  € 18 (Our proposal is Ginger Liqueur Alma De Lux for Lorenzo Cuomo €6)