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The Menu

The Starters

Salt Cod Fritters and Spicy Broccoli
€ 24
Duck and Goose Foie Gras Terrine with caramelized Rhubarb and Black Truffle
€ 27
Glazed Sweetbreads, Royal Crab and Enoki Mushrooms
€ 24
Clums and Mantis Shrimps Soup with Gratinated Layer of Potatoes and Leek
€ 24
Quail with baby Spinach and Red Pepper cold sauce
€ 24

Pasta Courses

Cappellaccio filled of Rabbit, Mousse of Potatoes scented with Anchovies, Parmigiano Reggiano “Vacche Rosse” Fondue and Black Truffle
€ 30
Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva with Savoy Cabbage, grilled Sea-scallops, Lemons marinated with Salt and Ginger
€ 35
Pasta & Beans with Chantarelle Mushrooms and Percebes
€ 30
Fusilli with Braciola and its Ragout, Fried Red Onion and “Cacioricotta Cheese”
€ 30
“Re Mauri” Fish Soup
€ 24

Main Courses

Honey Glazed Bresse Duck: the Breast with Stuffed Onion, the Leg with Sweet&Sour Vegetables and Beetroots
€ 100
Suckling Pig Porchetta, Lettuce Hearts, Five Peppers and Salsify
€ 35
Baby Lamb with Foie Gras, Morel Mushrooms, Courgettes and Celeriac Crocchette
€ 40
Sole Roll, Bread and Pecorino Cheese
€ 37
Grilled Turbot with Citrus Fruits Leek , Anchovies Cream
€ 30

The Desserts

Our Selection of cheese
€ 18
Tiramisù with Nougat and Juniper Berries
€ 18
Blueberries Soufflé with Sesame Ice-Cream and Buffalo Yogurt
€ 18
Mousse of White Chocolate and Poppy Seeds in Baumkucken, Pear and Hazelnuts
€ 18
Sorbets & Fruits (Wild-berries, Pear, Litchi, Tangerine, Kiwi)
€ 16

The cellar

The cellar offers a selection of the finest Italian and International wines, with a great attention to the local production.
The wine menu includes 850 labels and is constantly updated.

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