If you are looking for the best cauliflower recipe and love the peculiar sweet and sour flavour you should definitely try sweet and sour cauliflower. The recipe is not hard at all, it only requires a little time and patience, and obviously a high quality cauliflower.

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Best cauliflower recipe: the importance of raw ingredients

The first trick for making a good dish is indeed to choose excellent raw ingredients, better if they are locally sourced and treated as naturally as possible.

Sweet and sour cauliflower, with its peculiar flavour, is also great for encouraging those who usually turn up their noses at vegetables to eat more of them; with our tasty recipe you will prepare a delicious dish that is going to change the minds of those who avoid vegetables. After all, cauliflowers are rich in nutritional benefits and all doctors recommend consuming them regularly.

Let’s find out together the health benefits of cauliflowers and how to cook them sweet and sour.

The properties and health benefits of cauliflowers

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that is well-known and appreciated since ancient times; there are indeed several records of the Greeks and the Romans consuming it regularly, especially for lessening the effects of wine.

As a matter of fact, this vegetable is rich in minerals and vitamin C, which are essential substances for the mineralisation and purification of the human body. Moreover, because of its fibre content it’s often chosen as the main food in diets that are aimed at keeping balanced blood sugar levels.

Cauliflower is also ideal for low-calorie diets: if you wish to lose some weight you should definitely make a pasta dish (whole-grain pasta is preferable) or a side dish with this variation of the cabbage that is rich in water, low in calories and very low in fat. Therefore it’s perfect for satisfying your appetite and reducing water retention without gaining weight.

best caulilflower recipe ingredients

Finally, studies have proven that some substances found in cauliflower, such as antioxidant molecules (vitamins A and C) and glucosinolates, are important allies for cancer prevention.

Why sweet and sour cauliflower is the best recipe? An explosion of flavour!

Cauliflowers are resistant to cold temperatures; usually the best time of the year for cauliflowers is December to January. Thanks to our recipe you will be able to prepare jars of sweet and sour cauliflower to store and enjoy all year long, even as an appetizer!

Step 1: dice the cauliflower, rinse it and leave it in a colander to drain for a few minutes. Approximately, an average cauliflower shouldn’t weigh more than 700 gr; if it weighs a lot more than that, then it’s probably a not very natural greenhouse grown product.

Step 2: put in a pot 250 ml of white vinegar, 250 ml of white wine, 250 ml of olive oil, 50 gr of castor sugar and a spoonful of salt. Optionally, you can add 3 or 4 cloves or a bay leaf and bring to a boil.

Step 3: 10 minutes after it starts boiling, immerse the cauliflower tops and continue cooking for no longer than 15 minutes. We suggest you cut the cauliflower into small pieces so that it doesn’t need to cook that long: by cooking it for over 20 minutes you might lose most of its nutritional benefits.

A little trick: if you prefer a more delicate sweet and sour flavour, only put half of the vinegar we suggested. Did you realise that when it was too late? No worries! You can dilute with water and get an equally delicious dish.

What is the best way to preserve sweet and sour cauliflower?

Place the cauliflower pieces into sterilized jars and fill to the brim with the cooking water. This way, your dish will keep for months, but remember to store the jars in a cool and dry place.

Once you open a jar, don’t forget to keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 3 or 4 days, but we are sure that you will find sweet and sour cauliflowers so delicious that they will certainly be gone well before that!

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