Are you looking for romantic restaurants on the Amalfi Coast? Is there anything more romantic than a candlelight dinner to celebrate the beginning of a love story or a special anniversary? If you are in the province of Salerno and you are looking for an exclusive location, Re Maurì is the perfect restaurant to surprise your significant other.

Let yourself be seduced by the stunning view offered by restaurants overlooking the sea. The Amalfi Coast, where Re Maurì is located, is the perfect setting for your moments with your loved one.

Apart from the fairy-tale landscape, the very high-level cuisine and our staff’s special care complete the idyllic picture that you will only find at Re Maurì. Creativity, elegance and attention to details make our restaurant unique in Southern Italy. A wide and delicious menu, along with visual details, sounds and fragrances make Re Maurì the culinary gem of the Gulf of Salerno. If you wish to organize an unforgettable dinner but don’t know where to start, don’t worry: we’re here to help you tempt your partner’s taste buds! Let’s see our suggestions to make your evening unique, classy and, most importantly, delicious.

Music, sounds and magic: tickle your palate in our romantic restaurant

Re Maurì’s indoor room offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a skilful and timeless blend of light and shadow, also thanks to the beautiful Vietri ceramics that create delicate colour effects.

In spring and summer you can enjoy our panoramic terrace overlooking the gulf of the Amalfi Coast. The waves whisper, the sun goes slowly to sleep, the sea breeze brushes your hair… don’t you feel the romance already?

Re Maurì’s menu includes many choices, both meat and fish dishes, with a wide selection of side dishes and cheeses. The philosophy that inspires our chef’s art is respect for our culinary tradition, interwoven with the valuable threads of reinterpretation and updating. Past, present and future intertwine and give birth to unique creations, distinguished by balancing flavours and a sought-after plate presentation.

Love and food are ancestrally linked. It has been scientifically proven that some foods can reduce the anxiety of first dates, improve blood circulation, facilitate relaxation and, last but not least, foster mutual understanding.

Among the dishes especially created by our chef Lorenzo Cuomo for dinners for two, you will find many fish dishes. The antipasti include, among other delights, courgette flowers, prawns, lobster and herb cream: delicate flavours with a strong personality, perfect for taking a break from your daily routine and enjoying a romantic meal. The flawless mise en place will make of your dinner a true culinary journey.

A romantic dinner worth of its name must include the full-bodied and well-rounded flavour of a good glass of wine, honouring the traditional yet evergreen union between Venus and Bacchus. Our winery offers a wide range of wines (over 850), carefully selected among the best local and international labels. Our master sommelier Roberto Adduono will be available for suggesting the best wine choice for the dishes you ordered.

Speaking of sense stimulation, how could we forget about chocolate? You will find this delicious aphrodisiac in a molten soufflé, with a soft and enveloping texture, or a sour white-chocolate creamy soufflé.

Our menu, as you will have guessed by now, is so varied that it suits every taste. You will definitely find the perfect dishes to make your love dream come true.

And why not carrying on with this dream, but with your eyes open? Re Maurì offers a customisable romantic package that includes, apart from a dinner, champagne and the overnight stay in a suite, lulled by the moonlight. Also, breakfast will be brought to your room the next morning, our sweet way to say goodbye to our guests. A true escape from the stressful city life, in one of the most picturesque and poetic locations in Italy, where you will be guaranteed first-class service.

Re Maurì’s attention to quality earned it the prestigious Michelin star, only two years from its opening. This crown jewel proves the excellence and passion, the loyalty to tradition but at the same time a view to the future that we keep in mind every day at our restaurant. It’s not always easy to combine the local ingredients, with their century-old tradition, with the flair of gourmet cuisine, but our effort and the years of studying are acknowledged and awarded not only with the Michelin star, but also with the increasing number of regular customers who often come and visit.

A romantic dinner on the Amalfi Coast: book a table at Re Maurì

The fairy-tale landscape of the Amalfi Coast is among the most appreciated by couples and is definitely worth a weekend dedicated to the seaside, traditions and art. Take a few days to decide what to visit on the Amalfi Coast: a short romantic trip to rediscover your intimacy in a picture-perfect scenery that is going to leave you breathless.

Salerno’s culture finds further and well-chosen expression in the culinary field, and here at Re Maurì we are proud to represent the beating (and delicious) heart of this piece of paradise. In our dishes you will find the most typical flavours and colours of the Amalfi Coast, revisited with original solutions that spring from our inclination for innovation. Re Maurì is an emblem of refinement, care and passion for its guests’ well-being. Our staff is highly qualified and always available for satisfying any request.

We are aware in fact that good food is a necessary but not sufficient condition to give our customers the romantic evening they expect. For this reason all of our energies are equally distributed to take care of every single detail of the place, going beyond the traditional concept of catering.

Re Maurì offers its exclusive spaces and the chef’s ten years’ experience to make you live a comprehensive multi-sensory experience. You can book yours by filling in the form, otherwise calling us.


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