If you happen to be on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast and you are looking for a roof restaurant, you will find the perfect combination of evocative images and the pleasure of good food in Re Maurì restaurant. We’re in an enviable position, and from the terrace you can enjoy the dreamlike atmosphere of the sea and the sky that meet on the horizon.

Re Maurì has added value to the generous gifts of our land by giving birth to a restaurant that is much more than just a place to eat well: it’s a visual and auditory stimulus, as well as a stimulation of the soul, within a balanced mix of sensory stimuli that will make you live unforgettable moments.

roof restaurant amalfi coast

Panoramic rooftop of Re Mauri restaurant in Amalfi Coast (Salerno).

If you are planning a holiday on the stunning Amalfi Coast and you are a nature lover, here is some advice on must-see breathtaking landscapes. These unforgettable memories will accompany you your whole life.

Roof restaurant: the landscapes of the Amalfi Coast between the sky, the sea and the land

The Amalfi Coast is indeed renowned not only all over Italy but also in the world for its typical landscapes that make it unique at international level. It’s hard not to be amazed in front of the most diverse landscapes with their thousand-year-old scent, especially if you happen to be in the province of Salerno for a romantic trip with your better half.

First of all, you should definitely tread the Sentiero degli Dei (literally the “Path of the Gods”), a trail that takes you from Positano to the promontory of Agerola; your gaze will spontaneously wander between the water and the rocks, thus arousing a stream of unique emotions. Another great location for a stroll is along the Ieranto Bay, in quest of the luring sirens from the Odyssey. Don’t worry, you won’t need to cover your ears, but rather listen carefully: the sweet murmur of the waves is a powerful and natural stress-relieving sound, and it’s ideal if you are escaping the chaos of the city.

Bays, coves and picture-perfect spots stand out along the entire coast, and embrace and push away the sea within a stunning scenery.

Are you a walker? You can go anywhere with the right shoes! You have got to tread the path that connects Scala to the Torre dello Ziro, a tower that was built in ancient days in order to spot the enemy Saracen ships. The view from the tower is one of the most charming of the entire Amalfi Coast, and its sad story makes it even more fascinating. It is indeed believed that Joanna of Castile, also known as Joanna the Mad, was imprisoned there because she had fallen in love with a butler and had married him.

The last stop of your route is Vietri sul Mare, the southernmost town of the Amalfi Coast, located only 2 kilometres away from Salerno. The crown jewel of this small and gorgeous town is the long-standing tradition of majolica pottery manufacture. Bright colours and Mediterranean motifs make this artistic craft business famous all over the world, and it looks like almost the entire town is covered in terracotta rainbows!

Vietri is the ideal location for combining landscapes, history, folklore and excellent food. Our restaurant is located exactly between Vietri sul Mare and Salerno, and is therefore the perfect place to stop, rest and have something to eat.

Starred-Michelin Re Maurì is indeed the most appreciated roof restaurant of the entire Amalfi Coast and Salerno area. The view of the sunset from our terrace is one of the moments that are most beloved by our customers. On the terrace they can savour our raw seafood buffet, and plan business lunches and romantic dinners while enjoying the breathtaking view.

An evocative setting from which you can gaze upon the blending of the sky and the sea, while being cradled by the sweet sound of the water and the leaves shaken by the sea breeze. A delight to the eye, perfect for commemorating the most important moments of your life, celebrating love under the stars or amazing your friends with an enchanting view.

With such a generous and welcoming Nature, we couldn’t be outdone. Our philosophy is indeed to match the inspiring landscape with an equally high-quality service. Thanks to our undaunted commitment, we were awarded with a valuable star, the Michelin Star, an important guarantee for our customers who want to combine the beauty of the location with the deliciousness and originality of a top-quality cuisine.

Re Maurì is considered an excellence all over Italy for our elegance and our attention for the customers, which makes us take care of everything down to the last detail. We don’t just sit back, knowing that we can offer a view that will conquer your hearts: every detail is essential to us, from the background music, to the wide selection of water and wines, to the glass walls overlooking the sea, up to the refined indoor lighting.

You will find the same precision and care in our dishes. Chef Lorenzo Cuomo, who has been studying and selecting the best raw ingredients for years, by choosing the most natural and representative ones of our territory, frees all of his creativity when making original dishes with unprecedented combinations as well as full and well-balanced flavours, while paying particular attention to the appearance of the dish too.

The magic of the sea within sight

If you are looking for a special location to plan a reception or surprise your partner with a one-of-a-kind romantic dinner, Re Maurì is the perfect place for your needs. We all know that good food is important, but, let’s face it, you should also please the eye.

At our restaurant we are constantly committed to stimulating all of our customers’ senses in order to make them live a comprehensive experience in the pursuit of excellence.

The amazing view on the Amalfi Coast will be the perfect setting for savouring our delicious dishes and sipping a glass of wine. Our cellar consists of over 800 labels among the best at local and international level.

Refinement, kindness and passion are the key words that sum up the modus operandi at Re Maurì, and are a guarantee of our expertise in the field of catering, which goes beyond the mere culinary aspect and embraces every single detail of your experience here in order to make your stay the best ever.

Book a table at Re Maurì by filling in the specific form or call us at 089/76-33-687. Contact us with a 24-hour notice at least, so that we will be able to welcome you and your companions as best we can.

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