Are you looking for a seafront Salerno restaurant? Whether you’re on a week-long holiday (or more), or on a weekend trip, sea promenades have always been extremely fascinating and a very attractive destination for Italians (and not only). Salerno in particular, with its ageless natural wonders and a picture-perfect seafront, is a must-see for tourists of all ages and nationalities.

There are in fact so many views that leave breathless whoever visits these shores, as many as the cultural activities offered to the visitors of the provincial capital.

While staying at the seaside, tourists usually want to enjoy a nice meal, and Salerno’s cuisine doesn’t have many rivals within the Italian boot. First of all for its fish dishes, but also for many other ideas, ingredients and flavours typical of Salerno that have always played a key role for the visitors of this place. Many tourists in fact come back more than once, often just drawn by the food that this land offers.

A problem arises, however, when inexperienced tourists rely on third-rate restaurants, perhaps attracted by risible prices or menus “for tourists”, named because of their quality. That’s why, if you intend to visit Salerno’s Lungomare, we must suggest you go to Re Maurì. A very new activity (it was in fact opened in 2014), Re Maurì has already been awarded a Michelin star for its cutting-edge food and its unrivalled location along Salerno’s boardwalk.

But let’s move on to some tips you might find useful if you decide to visit Salerno, as well as why and how the gourmet restaurant Re Maurì is a choice that we are sure you won’t regret.

Restaurants on Salerno’s Lungomare: Italy’s most beautiful seafront and its typical dishes

The Lungomare Trieste in Salerno has often been described as Italy’s most beautiful seafront, and for very good reasons. With a wonderful tree-lined pedestrian garden, 30 metres wide and about one kilometre and a half long, Salerno’s boardwalk goes from the old town to the marina in Piazza della Concordia. Lively from sunrise to sunset, this promenade gives calmness and seraphic peace to families, as well as novel-like romantic moments to couples.

Apart from the stunning view of the gulf of Salerno, tourists can’t help being amazed by its ever-growing exotic vegetation. Salerno’s Lungomare is not only one of the longest in Italy, it can also make everybody happy: from cyclists who enjoy healthy rides along the cycle lane, to teenagers and young adults who, especially in the summertime, love to hang out because of the numerous bars and the non-stop night life.

The cradle of the Mediterranean diet thanks to the variety and the quality of the products available, Salerno offers a wide range of dishes and recipes to try. Fish is obviously the signature dish of the local cuisine, especially in the restaurants located along the seafront. Just a few names to give you an idea of the variety of the dishes you can find: swordfish carpaccio, salted anchovies, salmon bruschetta, seafood scialatielli or paccheri, reef spaghetti, mussels au gratin, salted codfish stew and so on. A special mention should go to the spaghetti with anchovy sauce, typical of Cetara, and the anchovies “in piattella” (small anchovies cooked with a little olive oil), typical of Salerno.

Apart from fish, there are numerous products typical of this region: we must mention the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin), Cicerale chickpeas and San Marzano tomato. The most popular dessert is definitely the “Scazzetta del Cardinale”, a small sponge cake filled with custard and wild strawberries. It’s called “del Cardinale”, literally “of the Cardinal”, because it resembles the typical cardinals’ hat.

Restaurants on Salerno’s Lungomare: where to dine and why

As you will know by now, Salerno’s boardwalk has many “stimuli” to offer. And since we believe that hunger is the strongest stimulus, we suggest once again you go to Re Maurì if you wish to dine like a king on Salerno’s seafront.

As we were saying, Re Maurì’s location is enviable, using an euphemism. Placed exactly half way between Salerno and Vietri sul Mare, it offers a unique view of the gulf, that will make your lunch or dinner unforgettable. The panorama is, to say the least, breathtaking as you will be able to admire the landscape up to the Cilento Coast, a view that can conquer any loved one.

Our chef Lorenzo Cuomo has always protected traditional products and flavours, while experimenting in the kitchen. With our Michelin star, we promise you will have a unique dining experience and that you won’t even regret dishes by famous chefs such as Antonino Cannavacciuolo or Joe Bastianich.

We are very proud of our wine selection that consists of 850 labels of both national and international wines; we take great care of the wine produced on our territory. Our master sommelier Roberto Adduono promises to take you on a truly comprehensive sensory journey.

We won’t regret saying that you’ll have the best dining experience of all Salerno’s Lungomare here at Re Maurì. Therefore we suggest you book a table on our website giving at least 24 hours’ notice. As you will have understood by now, our concept of gourmet cuisine has already been greatly approved, and with a simple click your table will be guaranteed. We are sure you won’t regret it.


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